Changing into a parent is a life-changing event, and while bringing up kids actually can become a joyous experience there’s no debate that it could also place large strains on you as a mummy or dad. But being a parent is a fulltime job and it isn’t invariably feasible to take time out in this manner.

Fortunately, there are a few methods of coping with your stress that actively involve your kids, and so are far easier to apply to your day by day life. You may also likely find that enjoying time with your kids while at the same time lowering your levels of stress will deepen your mutual bonds and bolster your relationship – which sounds a bit like a good thing all round! Once your kid is the right age to stroll, you will probably find yourself consistently watching out for them as they use their outwardly limitless energy to explore both their environment and their own physical talents and potentials. This can occasionally be draining of the parents’ energy and an element of stress, but why don’t you utilize the situation to your benefit? Harness their energy and curiosity by taking them to a secure place like a park or the open country, and join in with their games in the sun and unpolluted air. Join in with your kids’s painting sessions, let yourself go, and get as covered in paint as she is doing. You won’t make a masterwork, but you will have fun together and this tiny reversion to your own adolescence can supply solace from your stressed adult world. In an analogous vein, music can be another great help in the skirmish against stress.

Perhaps the most clear way of using music is to select something mellow and relaxing, but this is not likely to try and appeal to your youngster as much as it does to you, and so is maybe best left till after they are in bed and you can listen in peace. A smarter choice is a bit of music which has energy and inspires dancing. Your kid will do not need any support to get down and dance, but perhaps you will – try it, let yourself go a little, jump around a bit, and you can both giggle with one another and at yourselves. If you are still feeling stressed, then head for your kids’s toybox and select the noisiest toy you’ll be able to find. Something similar to a drum is perfect.

Let out your restrained irritations by making a total racket – your kid might be bemused initially but should shortly enter into the meaning of things.

One specific thing to do not forget though, is this last activity is maybe best conducted in the security of your house, and away from the eyes of non-parent adults who may not really understand!

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